Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The day is coming

Audience participation time -- Every month, city daily photo blogs feature a theme day. Tomorrow is November's theme day.

See if you can guess what the theme is. Got it? Tune back in tomorrow to see if you got it right.

Lagniappe --

These photos on other city photo blogs could have been a theme day photo. But they weren't they were posted a couple days ago.

square -- Sofia Daily Photo
Iced Drinks -- Shanghai Daily Photo
Monumento a Niños Heroes -- Mexico Daily Photo

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This old house

I haven't driven by this house on Prytania Street in New Orleans for a few weeks, but the last time I did, it was still in need of some polishing. I watched as they made a lot of repairs back in the beginning of the year.

You probably can't pick this up from the picture, but there are a several curved-glass windows on the house. I can't even imagine what something like that cost to replace.

--steve buser

Monday, October 29, 2007

No fear of flying

Heads way down
Street performers in the French Quarter add to the fun and excitement of it all. These guys have been doing this performance for years -- same lines, same gags. But, somehow it is always entertaining and always fun. They mix in up with impromtu raporte' with the audience.

In this trick, the performer flips across seven audience members. Wouldn't it be nice if my camera shot a little faster and captured a third shot with the performer flipping on top of the tightly-head-ducked audience members?

The performance is at a little ampitheater on Decatur Street across from Jackson Square and near Cafe' Du Monde (where we had just left). You get extra points if you guess what we enjoyed there.

-- steve buser


On Pixel Eyed today it's a steamy sunset -- the is a convergence of weather and man for a different sort of sunset picture -- Steamy Sunset

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rise to the Occasion

Levee Looking
Time was when living along the levee on Lake Pontchartrain and looking out over the lake was an easy thing. But with the new heightened levees taking shape that's getting to be a harder thing.

Several of the houses along this stretch of the levee in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans (though since the storm, you might think it's the other way around), have made adjustments to set their sights over the levee. Sometimes that is just a multi-story house with a deck looking out. But in other cases, it's an add on option.

What is it about a water view that so attracts us. It doesn't have to be a giant lake either. Developers know that all that is needed is a "water feature" to turn on the longing in us.

-- steve buser


On Pixel Eyed today : Do birds have little "I'm not talking to you" spat like humans? I mean they do some pretty human things sometimes.

The Daily City Photo blog site was down for awhile, but that gives me an opportunity to point you to another photo blog in my favorites -- A Photo A Day from Planet Earth -- he literally posts a photo from various places around the planet -- people in his network send them in. Today he features a fabulous eagle shot

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Late for class

Flat tire?
Sailing classes were going on out on the lakefront of New Orleans. The class of these small boats all sailed out of the harbor together -- minus a few stragglers with last minute equipment adjustments. This brave sailor heads into the wind to get to the bouy where the class is gathered. In the background is another class of bigger boats -- probably older students.

Further out the rest of the class battles the strong breeze and swelling seas (swelling lakes?)

--steve buser


Today on Pixel Eyed -- the studmeister struts his stuff and a New Orleans wedding reception

Friday, October 26, 2007

Holding on to the ghost

Hold on there --
All this tree has left is its ghost and it refuses to give it up. The tree is at the foot of the lagoon in City Park of New Orleans -- where the lagoon flows out into Bayou St. John. My question is why is a dead and weather worn tree scenic?

More city park photos -- especially showing hurricane damages

New Orleans City Park After Hurricane Katrina Photo Gallery

-- steve buser


If you thought I was going to find a lot of dead trees on City Daily Photo sites, you're wrong. I do have, however, a few animals photos you need to check out --

Cats in the Zvezdara (Star) Neighorhood -- Belgrade Daily Photo
A shy pangolin -- Bogor Daily Photo
Eye, eye! -- South Shields Daily Photo

Today on Pixel Eyed.... It's a unique program that draws in visitors to Jasper Texas -- and it has nothing to do with the beautiul lakes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flying the NO flag

The New Orleans flag is a proud accoutrement to a French Quarter residence.

--steve buser

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Butterflied shrimp

Butterfly nets
Another shrimp boat from the Bayou Bienvenue area, out east of New Orleans. Note the nets hanging high on either side of the boat. Those are butterfly nets. They hang out and down just below the surface of the water. The purpose is to catch shrimp swimming along the surface, usually with the help of a out-going tide.

That's opposed to the other kind of nets which drag along the bottom of the lakes, scooping up the delicacies.

In 2006, Louisiana shrimp landings totaled 135 million pounds (heads-off weight) and were valued at $144.8 million dockside.

--steve buser


Today on Pixel Eyed I'm in "High Cotton"

So, I looked around the Daily City Photo pages and came up with these photos that seemed to capture that "high cotton" feeling.

Detroit Marathon: And the Winner Is... -- St. Louis Daily Photo
Did you notice? -- Sydney Daily Photo
Man and his dog. -- Selma Daily Photo

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feeling jazzy

All that jazz
Okay, I confess. I am in a playful mood this morning. Feeling real New Orleansie (just made that one up). I had fun playing around with this picture in Gimp and Picassa to set in the black background -- gets rid of all that distraction.

Trying to get that real jazzy feel. This is the Storyville Stompers playing at a party we were at about a couple months ago. I was reminded of this shot in my archives by last week's event -- The International Council of Shopping Centers was here and Harrah's Casino threw a reception for the delegates (along with a few economic development groups. The festivities started at the Hilton Riverside Hotel, where a jazz band met the party goers and led them in true New Orleans street parade style over to the casino. It was true New Orleans -- a slow march that you would call lanquid if it was so full of joy and happy sounds. The band turns side to side more than it steps forward -- to make sure everyone is in the party.

Anyway. Since, I was still feeling the glow, I thought you would like a taste.

-- steve buser


Some more groups having fun today on City Daily Photos

Bolivian Dancers, NouBarris Quarter, Barcelona -- Barcelona Photoblog
Inside River -- Buena Aires Daily
Identity Crisis Nottingham Daily Photo

Be sure to check out Pixel Eyed today. See the hint over on the left.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Quarter light

Quarter light.

The title isn't random.

I saw this flickering light, middle of the day, in the French Quarter. It was really just an accent. Not so functional because even at night, the street lights did a better job of lighting things up. But on the other hand, it seemed to me it was light a quarter note in a song. By itself, a quarter note doesn't do much. But mix it up with a bunch of other notes and you've got a melody -- maybe one of those that you find yourself singing over and over again.

This accent doesn't do a whole lot. But mix it with hundreds or even thousands of accents like it in one small area of the city, and you have a the French Quarter -- a melody of history that plays over and over again, every day. One that lives on in your memory.

Quarter light.

Make sure you pop over to Pixel Eyed today. The topic is leadership.

--steve buser

some more historical accents --

School of Medicine -- Montpelier Daily Photo
Turin's "Toret" -- Torino Per Immagini

And this perfectly Paris photo --
Paris Newlywed -- Paris Daily Photo

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mystery of the Live Oak Wool

Happy 1/2 birthday to me
Stop. Before we get started, let me take note. The Blog Archive list (just below labels) over there -->
tells me that I have now posted 182 times (this is 183). This is my half a year birthday for this blog. Wow. Quite frankly, I never expected it to last that long.

On to the mystery ..
Speaking of unexpected -- see the photo above? This was all over my hood when I woke up yesterday. It was the first real cool snap to dip into New Orleans and I guess that's a kind of signal to all the trees. These droppings are from an Live Oak Tree I park under. I've parked under oaks before but never noticed much of this, this....this.... oak wool, let's call it.

Anyway now I have a mystery on my hands. I've Googled it and best I can get out of it is that it may be a infection by some wool-sowing insect.

The thought plickens....

--steve buser


A couple of "color cutout" photos are must see today. (Note to myself -- learn how to do this) --

Sing sing for Bishop -- Rabaul Daily Photo
Scattered -- Stayton (Oregon) Daily Photo

and heres' a little hint of what posted today on Pixel Eyed :

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Age- and weather-worn memories

You've got that one place that brings back warm memories from your youth. That place that has a special grab that you can't explain. A place that flows over with left behind feelings. That is the lagoon at City Park for me.

It's a magical place where we spent many summer days and weekends in paddle boats, canoes and just wandering along the shore. The ducks and geese would swim around, staying away from the reckless boaters.

We made way more noise that one ought to in such a subtle but lush place. It was youth in all its exhuberance. Energy that just burst out and had to be spent.

There were the few canoe fights and few kids ended up taking the dunk. This was long before life jackets became de riguer.

The place looks a little more weather worn these days. It didn't just weather the storm of age -- Katrina tried her best to rough it up.

Note, though, the fresh coat of bright red paint on the boat house.

I didn't see the boats running the day I shot this. I saw a few ducks, but if the geese were around, they were in another part of the lagoon.

It would be easy for a groundskeeper here to think he was just maintaining a scenic waterway in a city park. An astute groundskeeper would know he was protecting the memories and treasured youths of thousands.

Some other places on City Daily Photo blogs today that look like they may be treasure stores of youthful memories:

Disney MGM Studios -- Greetings from Orlando Florida
Tous les petits enfants, aiment jouer dans des fontaines à Adelaïde -- Adelaide Daily Photo
Deep Forest -- Minneapolis Daily Photo
Fishing-- Sydney Daily Photo

And don't forget to stop in at my other blog today : Pixel Eyed -- here's a hint of what you'll see

--steve buser

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pass Manchac, the rest of the story

If you have never heard of Pass Manchac, don't feel bad. The area, though, does have a rich history. This fishing camp (note the shrimp boat on the left with its nets hanging on the rigging) sits on the pass which connects Lake Pontchartrain (the large body of water just north of New Orleans) with Lake Maurepas -- a smaller lake.

Lake Maurepas recieves the waters from the Tickfaw River, Amite River and Blind River. It's up these rivers where the real steaming history starts.

Little known is that there was once a well-travelled pass from Lake Pontchartrain, to Lake Maurepas through the Tickfaw to Bayou Manchac to the Mississippi River. The American troops in the War of 1812 sealed that connection (sinking boats there) to keep the British from being able to take the short cut into the Mississippi River.

The area has a rich Acadian (Cajun) heritage. Note to myself : We'll have to talk more about all this is future posts.

But what was I doing there? We all met for a good seafood meal at Middendorf's, a landmark for decades -- I think I had my first meal there back in 1975.

-- steve buser

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What did you catch?

When the fish ain't biting, the last thing you want is onlookers. This curious family in City Park in New Orleans looks on as a fisherman casts his line into the lagoon. If you look in back below the bridge you get a glimpse of some ducks looking on in curiosity, too.

A few more watery shots on City Daily Photo blogs today:

Porz-Strellien II -- Le Guilvinec Daily Photo
The New Fall Colors! -- Minneapolis Daily Photo
Gondola di Venezia . . . in Boston? -- Boston Daily Photo

--steve buser

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cruisin' Canal

The street car driver in New Orleans has to be pretty alert. In attentive drivers tend to turn in front of them -- it helps to see it coming if you want to stop one of these lumbering beasts in time.

This shot is looking out the front of the car down the 'neutral ground of Canal Street in downtown New Orleans. (Of course there really is no front to the car -- there's a set of controls just like this on the other end to allow the car to go either way on the track). Everyone is more familiar with the shade-line St. Charles Avenue route of the cars. On Canal Street, the Cemeteries route will take you .... well, all the way to the cemeteries near City Park.

While the Canal Street car will (as soon as its is running -- Nov. 1?) take you passed unbelievably beautiful and massive homes, the cemeteries car takes you through a more traditional (and affordable) part of the city.

A few other "transportation" shots of City Daily Photo blogs today:

Fancy Pumpkins -- New York Daily Photo
Weatherman, Segway and Southern Comfort -- St. Louis Daily Photo
Southernbound track -- Hyde Daily Photo

--steve buser

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's that?

This is a "what is it?" post. I caught this flower in the French Quarter of New Orleans near the Cafe Du Monde. It's strange looking, but really eye catching. I don't have a clue what it is. Do you?

Other City Daily Photo blogs today with flower shots --

Not my photo -- Ocean Township Daily Photo
White Sage --Phoenix Daily Photo
Our last rose of the season... -- Forks, Washington, Daily Photo

--steve buser

Monday, October 15, 2007

Near earth aerial pursuits

If only all trees made themselves this available for climbing. The trees at City Park in New Orleans seem to accomodate the young aerial artists, well. They probably took the ground route many years ago because of the number of little feet that kept pushing them down.

In any case, they have made millions of kids happy over the years. I remember my own years of excitement of climbing the massive reclining limbs.

More tree fun on City Daily Photo blogs today

Bouée couronne -- Le Guilvinec Daily Photo
Look Up -- Santa Fe Daily Photo
Signs of Summer Final #261 -- Richmond upon Thames Daily Photo

--steve buser

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boy jumps over cow jumps over moon

The story line is really very simple. The cow jumps over the moon; the boy jumps over the cow.

(I can't believe I actually used a semicolon. My former journalism professor would probably revoke my diploma if he saw that. I can hear him now. "Write like you talk. Did you ever hear anyone talk with a semicolon?")

I digress. Simple story line, but lots of fantasy and imagination makes it a full length afternoon at StoryLand in City Park of New Orleans. My grandson, Sullivan (he actually likes to be called by his self-chosen full name -- Sullivan Big Boy 4 Creasy --note: the 4 is for 4 years old) , is able to leap over moons and fly to all corners of fantasy in the nursery-rhyme re-creations of the park.

By the way, my apologies to Moi for my post yesterday that linked to her blog, "Not By a Long Shot." The link took you there okay -- It's just that I had the wrong title for her blog. I knew when I was trying to juggle getting 9 links into my blog, that I would probably let one hit the ground. Sure 'nuf.

Moi posts some pretty creative photos from her Florida home. Check it out.

--steve buser

Tag, I'm it.

I've been tagged by Linda at Among the Meadows at

These are the rules.

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Here's 8 Random Facts about me:

1. Love to play guitar
2. Love to bang on the piano
3. I listen to the moldy oldies.
4. Asleep at the Wheel fan
5. Raised in Wichita, KS, but spent 1/2 my life in Louisiana and 1/3 in Texas.
6. What am I going to do with all those LP's? (if you don't know what an LP is, stay after class)
7. LSU grad
8. Mountains, give me mountains.

Since I'm IT. I'm tagging

1. Rambling Round -- Selma Daily Photo
2. Annie -- Little Rock Daily Photo
3. Moi -- Sequim Daily Photo
5. Marie -- Mont Pellier Daily Photo
6. Julia -- Newcastle Daily Photo
7 . Chuckeroon -- Richmond Upon the Thames Daily Photo
8. Chris -- Nashville Daily Photo

In New Orleans, we have a tradition of Lagniappe -- a little something extra.

So, here's
9. Abraham Lincoln. -- Brookville Daily Photo

By the way, the picture is of my granddaughter Sophie who came to visit us this past week (she brought her mother and her big brother with her, too ).

--steve buser

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cranes in the sky

Everyone seems to want to know "when will we see cranes in the sky?" But since the vast majority of project in New Orleans are repairs or renovations to existing buildings -- "building for the inside out, not the outside in" I like to say -- cranes are not the construction tool of choice in most cases.

But there are plenty of projects with cranes, like this project on the London Avenue Canal that I drove up upon one day.

Lagniappe -- I didn't find any construction photos on the City Daily Photo blogs today, but I have to say there are more amazing shots out there today than I have ever found amassed in one day. Let me point you to a few of them. (or take the tour yourself -- here)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird -- Brookville, Ohio
Bottles -- Chateaubriant, France
Italy -- Quick Snap 365 (London)

-- steve buser

Thursday, October 11, 2007

There's clanging on St. Charles

In what can only be a good sign, streetcars were rolling down St. Charles yesterday. With yellow "Not in Service" signs stuck to the front of them it was clear they were just testing the newly repair track and new electric lines installed since Katrina.

The entire line has been out of service since the storm. In the spring the city started rebuilding the overhead electric line system.

Assuming all turns out well in the testing, it will be good news for the uptown area and restore one of New Orleans most famous attractions -- that tree-shaded leisure drive along the crescent of St. Charles Avenue and it's huge, graceful mansions.

The losers in all this? The joggers who had taken over the "neutral ground" where the street cars used to run.

--steve buser

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Flights of fantasy

Grandson Sullivan takes a flight of fancy at the Story Land exhibit at City Park in New Orleans. For an admission of just $3 each we had couple hours of pure fantasy and imagination.

I told Sullivan to show me the buttons you use to make the rocket fly. "Those aren't buttons papa," he replied and ran off. I am still left wonder what those other worldly things are, but I know that if they take a spacecraft in the voids of the universe, they can't be mere buttons.

--steve buser

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Destination: imagination

StoryLand at City Park in New Orleans was our destination this weekend with the grandchildren. Here, Sullivan studies intently how to drive a fire truck -- one of the exhibits.

The play land is filled with re-creations of Mother Goose stories and other bedtime tales.

Needless to say there was enough imagination flowing to fill several parks its size.

Where is this? Here

--steve buser

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Orleans dream train

My daughter and our two grand kids are in town this week. It gives us the opportunity to be children and do the things you want to do and never get around to doing. For instance, riding the streetcar.

We hopped on up at the cemeteries on Canal Street and rode all the way into the CBD and back. My grandson Sullivan was holding us to our promise that we would ride a train, so the streetcar became a "streetcar train." Hey, it passed the kid test. You can see, he was having a blast with his Nanny, Linda.

The open windows provided plenty of breeze (it wasn't as hot outside as it was muggy.) But about halfway throught the route, the conductor opened the front window and the breeze sailed through the car.

There was a lot of imagination flowing on this "dream train."

-- steve buser

Check out Pixel Eyed today -- a waterfall is a metaphor for concentration, struggle and peace.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sausage skied night

Our group was down in the quarter last night and this was the view of the last rays of sunshine. I don't know much about clouds and such, but since I love to shoot sunsets, I tend to watch the sky a lot. This was a strange cloud cover -- little sausage links lined up across the sky. It was a beautiful night, not to hot with a good breeze blowin from the east ( a kind of strange directions for breezes around here).

Some more "sky" shots on City Daily Photo blogs today:

Sunrise -- Miami Beach
About turn -- Menton Daily Photo
Balloons -- Delta Daily Photo

--steve buser

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Queen Anne

This is the kind of house I could fall in love with. The trim work really brings out the features of this old Queen Anne House on Carondolet in New Orleans. At the same time it is not over powering.

Some other "house" shots I found today on City Daily Photo blogs :

Bossi House -- Novara Daily Photo
Galeria de arte -- West Sacramento
...yellow door... -- Sheki, Abzerbaijan
Jelsabakken -- Stavenger Daily Photo

--steve buser

Friday, October 5, 2007

Breeze brothers

One last summer image -- two wind walkers sail across Lake Pontchartrain sharing their passion of letting the wind sustain them. In the far background are the downtown buildings of New Orleans -- just shadows in this drama.

I was in a playful mood today on Pixel Eyed -- my other blog. Felt like I had to give Whoopi some acting lessons.

-- steve buser

I could only find one breeze brother on City Daily Photo blogs today:

Indian summer is over -- Moscow Daily Photo

But check out these shots:

Sailboat on lower Hudson River
Random Stuff -- (you have to click on the photo to see it larger)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sundown over the lake

What more can I say? The sun just has a lot of fun slipping under its covers when it's over Lake Pontchartrain.

-- steve buser

A couple of other sunset/sunrise photos today on other City Daily Photo blogs:

Tiger Hills Sunrise --Dream Darjeeling
--Stavanger Daily Photo

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Can you believe that?

See that? Apparently, by the expression on their face, everybody did. I didn't. Wish I could tell you what it was that they are smiling about. Just shows that the horse and buggy tour with a good tour guide gives you a real feel for the city and the "rest of the story."

These buggy tours are real popular in the French Quarter, but I have been seeing more and more of them around town. A few weeks back there must have been something big going on at a hotel across from the Convention Center, because there were about 20 of these buggies lined up waiting.
By the way if you missed the comments on yesterday's post you have to see this -- AND MAKE SURE YOUR CLICK THE LINK TO THE PHOTO. It made me laugh and smile for a half hour.
Roadrider said...

I'm sure it's no coincidence that King Falstaff is oriented so that he is toasting the nearby Dixie Brewery on Tulane Avenue. You can see it in this photo

--steve buser

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weather ball signals winds of recovery

Work has begun on converting the old Falstaff Brewery into 149 apartments -- bringing an eye sore into a key landmark at a high visibility intersection for the New Orleans recovery effort.

The statue above (King Gambrinus, a 12th century Flemish nobleman who legend has it brewed the first beer) sits atop the 204,000-square-foot former brewery. More famous is the 125-foot sign below with 10 foot high letters that would light up. The ball at the top would change colors to predict the weather.

The ball turned green to signal fair weather, red to tell of cloudy skies and a flashing red light was warning of rain. If the letters of the Falstaff name were lit from the bottom up, the temperature was rising. When they were lit from top to bottom, the temperature was falling. Flashing lights on the letters meant a constant temperature.

Close up:
The brewery operated from 1936 to 1978.

Here's a great collection of old photos of the closed-down brewery.

Maybe just one more legend. Hank Williams chauver, Charles Carr, reported the country crooner was drinking Falstaff on the night of his death.

You remember, of course, Jerry Jeff Walker's line in "Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother" -- 'He sure did like his Falstaff beer. He liked to chase it down with Wild Turkey liquor.'

--steve buser

Monday, October 1, 2007

Theme Day: Cemetery

New Orleans cemetaries are mostly above ground because much of the city is at or below sea level -- caskets can have a tendancy to pop out of the ground. These tombs at the cemetary by City Park are a common site.

Today (October 1) is theme day on City Daily Photos (theme day is the first of each month) Check out these other sites who are posting for theme day today:

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-steve buser