Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I don't like the looks of him

Hey, I agree with you. Totally. You're right. I shouldn't even expect you to be here still.

But, just hear me out okay? Please?

I do agree with you.

I agree that I have posted too many of these creatures lately. I know it can get boring to see the same old dragonflies just sitting there posing.

But I only show you this one to ask you this question -- Is this guy making fun of me?

Seriously, is he?

Because if he is I will walk back over there and beat the bushes, every last one of them until I find him and all his brother and alll. and I will... Okay. Okay. Let me go.

Okay, I'm okay, I'm settled down. I just don't like his ilk making fun of me. I'm sensitive about that kind of thing.
I'm okay. I'm sure. He's probably dead by now anyway. Lockjaw, I hope.
--steve buser

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Ray Nichols said...

How do you know it's a male?


Ms M said...

Yep, you better watch your back with a look like that from a dragonfly! :-)

The Book said...

He's Got a Beard!

Lynette said...

Whoowee! What a critter!