Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The proper Mardi Gras is about having the accoutrement

Since we are on a Mardi Gras theme of sorts for today, I thought I would get a little on the technical side and go through some of the required paraphernalia for the perfect family celebration of the carnival.

You will notice the float is passing by a large antebellum home, giving away the fact that this is a shot on St. Charles Avenue -- with its wide neutral ground (median, if you are not from New Orleans). Everyone on the ground in this picture is on the neutral ground. 

We will start with the folding table in the middle with the food to munch on all day long. To the far right is the large trash can -- they can never put enough of these on.  To the right of the trash can , the black hump is a barbecue pit -- you're going to be out Mardi Gras day from very early in the morning to late in the afternoon  -- come prepared.

If you follow with your eyes on the same level to the right, you will see two white humps -- of course, the baby swing. Move your eyes up a little and you will notice another black barbecue pit.  Did I mention that you eat all day?

If you are extra observant you will notice the baby stroller, a couple of chairs, a child's seat, a blue tarp on the ground (on the right -- it claims your territory and anything that falls on it.  On the middle bottom you may be able to pick out a yellow square -- below the barbecue.  That is a big sack for holding you goodies.  You will need several of these to haul off your loot.
--steve buser

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

that sounds soooo fun ! its not too far from canada haha
~ laura

Hilda said...

Gosh. Sounds like a big production even if you're just watching. But it sure looks like it's worth everything — so much fun! The float is gorgeous and so is the house behind it.

NancyN said...

Now I know what to bring - thanks for the essential info!