Monday, April 12, 2010


The Azaleas are resplendent this year.  I have been drawn particularly to the white ones.  They are eye popping.  This shot in downtown Beaumont, looking toward the Tyrrel Library, was actually a couple of days late.  A few days before this shot, you could barely see the green leaves of the Azaleas.
--steve buser


K. said...

This looks like Scotland or Ireland. Beaumont, LA, I take it? Beaumont, TX is a pit (or so I'm told)!

oyster said...

I'll confirm it's a pit, until you compare nearby Vidor or Bay City.

This is the most scenic shot of Beaumont I've ever seen.

Hilda said...

The library is gorgeous and the flowers make the entire area even more gorgeous!

teahouse said...

Hey, I was actually in New Orleans this past weekend, and I saw some beautiful azaleas as well!