Friday, June 29, 2007

Porch past times

Again I am back to porches. Several good comments yesterday. We have abandoned our porches -- we just don't build them to any degree any more -- in favor of our back yard -- all walled in with fences.

This is my type of porch, with the curved setting at the end. Some have the setting at both ends. I've seen it referred to as Classic Revival and as being popular around the turn of the century -- not this century, the last one (1900+).

I know that air conditioning has let us de-emphasize porches -- that place where you would sit and visit while the house cooled down. But, these seemed to have gone out of style long before.

It took a special craftsman to the make the curved bannisters and the columns, so it may have been and economic thing.

Still, they speak of a certain grace and certain time when we would spend more resources on a place that fostered visiting, sharing, and passing time together in a quite tranquil setting.

--steve buser


NorthBayPhoto said...

A very wonderful looking porch. Just looking at it, I can feel a cool breeze blowing.

pusa said...

i love porches or balconies,makes you feel relaxed and enjoy the breeze

poody said...

I love this porch too but would it be called a veranda?

Steve Cuddihy said...

That is an outstanding porch! Not to mention it is a double decker too!

great photo

IamtheMom said...

nevermind, buy this house! That round sitting area looks wonderful!!!

magiceye said...

Porches remind you of the days when time was not at a premium..

jenni said...

I have always wanted (and will someday have) a porch and I promise never to let it go to waste! =)

Dina said...

that porch looks lovely for an early morning reading drinking coffee time!!

Marcin said...

It has to be very nice sitting on the porch after luch or dinner. And later on after dark.
Is it typical way to build porches in New Orlean. I've never been to US, but I think it's typical of this area?

Kate said...

Grace and beauty combined. Many people would like porches but I think it's a bygone era.

Anonymous said...

As I said the other day, our builders lost their way in the 1960s and tried to mimic what was then popular in California. The Ranch House was a three bedroom, one and a half baths, brick house with a hip roof and a dinky patio out back. No front porch. That is what we bought all those years ago and still live in it.

I love front porches.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

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