Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things that go boom in the night.

Our daughter and her family are visiting this week. We forgot to tell them about the fireworks that go off in the middle of the night over at Zephyr field when the home town wins. They woke up thinking there was a gun fight or explosion going on. Small things you don't think about and just move into the background of your existence. Like trains passing in the night that you don't hear, but company does.

-- steve buser


Debbie Courson Smith said...

Even when I know there are going to be fireworks, they startle me, too. Great picture! Your friends probably wonder what ELSE you didn't tell them.

Anonymous said...

We took our just-turned-3 year old daughter to the local fireworks show on the 4th and she would have none of it! I asked her if there was anything she liked about fireworks -- the colors, the sparkles, the way they look like flowers in the sky -- even if she didn't like how loud they were. She said, "I only like fireworks when they're over." Oh well!

What a beautiful shot.


Sharon said...

I have the same situation from my house. I live one block away from a large Community College and during football season this happens to me all the time. My first reaction is always "Oh...a gun shot" before I figure it out. Sometimes they have a full show at the end of game and then I can stand on my lawn and watch.

Anonymous said...

wonderful picture of the fireworks.

Wanda said...

Beautiful Fireworks!

We forgot to tell visitors one time when we lived next to a train track....Sounded like the train was coming though the living room.

It surely went bang in the night.

Halcyon said...

They are stunning! Hope the team wins often. :)

Eki said...

I missed this one! A beautiful boom, Steve!