Saturday, April 21, 2007

Busy River Day

I caught this scene out my office window the other day of a lot of activity on the Mississippi River at the foot of Canal street.

Starting at the top, can see some barges being fleeted (parked) on the opposite bank. The first tug is pushing a chemical barge (LP) up the river. The next is pushing a covered barge -- could be grains -- down the river. The next tug is pushing several barges with containers up the river.

Against the shore, the red boat is the Port of New Orleans' dredge. At the far bottom left is the Algiers ferry waiting for the river to clear before it takes off. And at the far right bottom is the Cajun Queen.

Quite a lot of activity at one time. Oh, one other thing. Find the barges with the containers -- the long narrow group in the middle. Follow them all the way to the right. See the brown half circle coming out of the river at the far left -- that's the plum of silt from the Port's dredge.