Sunday, November 16, 2008

Magazine street -- even a sprinkle of essentials

Today we finish our shopping on Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans. It's time to go back home and admire our shopping prowess. I just wanted to finish with another favorite shop of mine that I have never been in. I just love the red accents and the white color. The real purpose though is to show you that there are useful shops, too, on Magazine Street. There is a drugstore, hardware store, several restaurants and more. But, hey, you're not going to travel from New York or Minnesota to go to a drugstore. So we concentrated on the fun shopping stuff.

One last link to the Magazine Street merchants website. Check it out.


Hope said...

I love this building! Thanks for sharing your beautiful city!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I enjoyed your photo tour of Magazine street!

We may be there next weekend, and maybe we'll get to Magazine Street!

Wayne said...

I used to love browsing in stationery stores when I was younger. That's a bit odd isn't it.

A cute store and so neat and tidy.