Sunday, December 7, 2008

Balloon business is really popping

What kid doesn't want to take home a balloon shaped as a sword, a heart, or whatever. Go ahead -- admit it. This is one of the things you really loved to do in the New Orleans French Quarter as a kid. Don't lie -- all these people are watching you.

Does that feel better? Admit your feeling, Let them well back up in you. It's been too long since you giggle over a balloon toy.

This is the balloon man that stopped us on Decatur street each kid got a special balloon (he must know how to make about 1000 shapes) and with just a little tip to him for each balloon, we left with lighter pockets and bigger smiles.
From the left are my great nieces Page, Rebekah ( you can just see the yellow of her shirt and Sarah in the stroller. My niece's husban Jason (let's see does that make him a nephew in law?) is pushing the stroller . In the background are what I presume are his next two customers.

--steve buser

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