Monday, December 1, 2008

Strike up the band. Draw near the crowd.

The rain has passed, it is time to strike up the band and draw in a crowd.

This scene was this past Black Friday in front of St. Louis Cathredal in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The Quarter was holding its own on competing with the malls, until a shower passed. However, as the evening dimmed, only rain-soaked stones were left as a reminder. The day crowd was giving way to the night time revelers.

A pair of street musicians were playing jazz tunes to passers-by.

Strike up the band.  Draw near the crowd.

--steve buser


Boise Diva said...

Good for them, good for you, for listening for a bit.

raf said...

How great is that? Your camera angle and inspired text capture the mood of the moment so well. Ditto for your post yesterday (especially that reflected sunlight from below). Nice work, Steve!

Wanda said...

With my love of jazz... I would fit in nicely in your town, wouldn't I?

Off to Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas....see you in a couple of weeks ~~ I may be able to post onthe trip...not sure yet.


Bernie said...

Live music in the street is one thing I definitely miss about New Orleans.

Jules said...

Wonderful light and composition Steve - great stuff!!!