Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bubbles blow kids minds

Why do kids love bubbles so much?

They are fascinating. They defy logic. They float in the air. They have not substance to them. They are in a way comical.

Why do kids love bubbles? For all the same reasons that adults do. (Bubbles are courtesy my wife, Linda, as she was blowing them to make the kids giggle and chase them. On, they are also courtesy the wind, that on this day was stout enough to blow them without an needed assistance.)
--steve buser

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Jacob said...

All right - how'd you do that?

Ms M said...

Superb photo! Great catch.
And I have to admit, I love bubbles, too.

Anonymous said...

You got that just right, Steve.

gogouci said...

Perfect photo. By the way, some child-like adults (myself included) love bubbles, too.

Rambling Round said...

What a creative photo, and yes, I always liked to blow bubbles as did my children.

Wanda said...

How perfect..... Bubbles are the greatest, and grandma's love blowing them.... me included.


D said...

Amazing capture!
I think we..I mean blowing bubbles because you just can't mess them up. They're perfect everytime no matter how little you are.

Irina said...

Amazing capture!