Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Louisiana Iris

The Louisiana Iris (Iris fulva) from the Mandeville Nature Center.

--steve buser

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teahouse said...

How lovely! I had no idea there were such things as Louisiana irises.

Ms M said...

I like the wonderful purple against the green, and have always liked irises. Didn't know there were Louisiana irises, tho.

Jacob said...

Very fine composition and color, Steve!

Patrick O'Connor said...

Beautiful picture, Steve. That is a Louisiana iris, but the species is I. giganticaerulea, not I. fulva. There are five species in the Louisiana iris group, and fulva is a red one. Take a look at:


Halcyon said...

I love those blue irises. We used to have a ton in our yard when I was growing up.

Lynette said...

Exquisite, Steve. Thank you.