Saturday, May 9, 2009

Poydras -- the power line up.

Good morning New Orleans!

The sun is trying to find a way to lighten up Poydras Street and steamily burn off the residue of an early morning sprinkle.

Poydras is not just a quick throroughfare into and out of the city, but links together many of the city's key business sector.

From where you are sitting here in your car, Harrah's Casino is to your right and behind and around you are some of the cities largest hotels, the Hilton, Loews, Harrahs, Doubletree. The Convention Center is off to the left. This is the tourism center. Canal Street is just a block to the right, and the French Quarter starts just the other side of Canal.

To the left, as you move away from the Convention Center, you pass into the Warehouse District with many of the newest Condo developments in the City. Mixed in there is the Arts District -- unique boutiques and art galleries abound.

Behind you, also, is the busy maritime traffic of the Mississippi River. Also, back there at the "foot of Poydras" is World Trade Center.

As you proceed up Poydras there will be more hotels, but to your right you will catch glimpses of the city's financial center. The Oil and Gas row of tall buildings will slowly blend in.

City Hall will be in that mix too.

Near the end of Poydras will be the Louisiana Superdome, home to the New Orleans Saints.

Then its a quick hop up onto the I-10.

But it is morning. Your supposed to be up by the Superdome coming into downtown.

Did you get up early?

--steve buser

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Interesting post. Nice photo.

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