Monday, May 25, 2009

Standing watch with bated beak

A lady Purple Martin and her man stand guard out side their multi-unit apartment dwelling. There was a lot of traffic in and out of the place this weekend. The lady (the light colored one) has a tempting morsel in her mouth for her young one, but she is either waiting her turn or standing guard as required in the lease agreement.
--steve buser

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Anonymous said...

We have also had lots of baby birds here that are out and about, Steve. Mostly starlings up to their usual funny times.

K. said...

Another great bird picture! And martins are not just any birds. We had a martin house -- apartment complex was more like it -- in our South Texas back yard. For many people, those birds are a substitute for religion.

photowannabe said...

Great picture and I love the humorous commentary with it.
Good detail Steve.