Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Global Wildlife Center --head butting

Two young buckS tangle antlers trying to prove their "staghood."  We were at the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, La -- a pleasant country drive north of New Orleans. 
The animals would come right up to our wagon train for food, but I was surprised to see how many tussles and arguments ensued as they fought their way to the front and then wanted exclusive territory.  The kids loved it all  (as did the adults -- our daughter Vicky and husband Aaron pulled triple-duty  -- feeding the animals, taking pictures and helping our grandkids learn who you could feed by hand and for which animals you had to drop the food on the ground.)

--steve buser
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In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

A nice shot, close in so their expressions are visible!


Ms M said...

Reminds me of some work meetings I've attended lately... :)
Good photo!

gogouci said...

oh, I've got a headache!