Saturday, October 31, 2009

Squirrelly beggar tugs the heart strings

You know those beggars at the traffic light that bring their pets to tug on you emotions.  This little squirrel decided to strike out on his own and came right up to our table as we were eating outside a restaurant in Mandeville a while back. Hard to turn a cutie like this down.
--steve buser

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Rob and Mandy said...

Nice one! Looks like a fighter!

Ms M said...

Good shot! They are assertive, hardy little critters. A couple of years ago I put 4 small pumpkins out on the front steps for Halloween. One by one they disappeared. Then one day I saw the culprit sitting on the porch roof with a piece of the last pumpkin in paw.
Now we only get large pumpkins for our steps :)