Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Big Clean Up -- Superbowl style

So there we were, pushing our way down Bourbon Street after the big Superbowl game Sunday.   The crowds were so packed, forget about moving, it was getting hard to breath.   Were the streets dirty?  Every once in a while you could catch a glimpse below you and it was not a pretty sight.  Most of the time, you were lucky if you could see your shirt pocket with the crowds being so packed sardine-like.

Then the next morning you walk out and the streets are shining -- slightly damp from a night time hosing, but clean and fresh smelling.  This is a shot from Royal Street as we walked down to breakfast.

New Orleans is the best in the world at three things:  the Superbowl, Mardi Gras, and cleaning up after the big party.
--steve buser

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Louis la Vache said...

Fat Tuesday is just around the corner for you!

A Year on the Grill said...

I believ you, cause I've seen it myself. But not positive about the fresh smelling streets... not always

The Mulligan Family said...

Yes, NOLA does know how to party - and how to clean up after herself. I'm so excited - we'll be there in less than 2 weeks. CANNOT wait - my city beckons me!

Cheers, Cindy