Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Orleans Night

This was the view out of our room at the W Hotel in New Orleans Sunday night after we survived the celebration in the French Quarter for the Saints Superbowl win.  Just minutes before I shot this, Poydras Street which is down below was circular parade of horn honkers and "Who Dat" cheerleaders.    You can see the Loews Hotel on the far right and next to it is the Harrah's Hotel.  Just across Poydras with the lighted purple emblem is Harrah's Casio.  You are looking out toward the Mississippi River.  The Hilton Hotel on the right looks out over the river.   The French Quarter is out of the picture, two blocks to the left. 

It's a few blocks heavy on the tourism.

By the way,  a little known fact, the Mississippi at this point is flowing directly North for a few miles.
--steve buser
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Pooch Morning Glory said...

hi from canada
that is an amazing photo. i love it. i have only been there once 2 years ago, april.
its an awesome city.
what do you mean that the river is flowing north.... ?

Ms M said...

Great night shot -- fun that you were downtown celebrating the Superbowl win (even if it was crowded...)