Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eye opener

I wasn't going to shoot a picture. I had put my camera down out of the way and was there to enjoy the party. Then this guy jump right in front of my eyes as I walked toward the fence at my sister's New Orleans house. What kind of flower it is, I don't have a clue. Can't say that I ever saw one like it. But I do know this -- it was a picture begging to be taken. A get down on its knees and lay prostrate kind of begging. I obliged. I calmly, but with purpose, walked over and grabbed my camera bag. I shot a couple dozen pictures -- turns out the best one was this one: the very first one.

How did the flower know I was a photographer? Hmm. Interesting, but unanswerable.

Make sure you click on the picture to see the big version. You'll be glad you did.

--steve buser


Anonymous said...

I believee that may be a Passion Flower? It still seems to have pollen.
Goodness gracious you can't don't stop it, eh? But I can see you not sitting still for this one.
Yeah, I think it had no doubt that you were a photographer. While flowers bloom whether we are there to enjoy them, I do think that they brighten-up or even turn about when they feel the approach of a "Fertilizer" of any sort. Incects are color blind and mainly just see the petals and designs as b/w markings for a landing strip--to get to the nectar. So the Colors are for some birds...and us.
Our pay off? Well that is why I love your blog. Have you read "The Botany of Desire" by Michael Pollan? (I didn't make his last name up)
I also adhere to "The Secret Life Of Plants" philosphy that your flower definitely felt you lovin'on it and your energy of focus, if not that you were a photographer--but it would not surprise me. As plants don't speak English I belive that they read us this way: by the vibration and pheromones of our focus.
They know we're lookin at'em.

Having just launched the Ladder Nov 11th, I am quite gratified by the news site's success--due in no small measure to blogs like yours. We have some ways to go to spank like da'NODP!
--AND PLEASE DO KEEP ME POSTED ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY. Day before Earth Day too! Please feel free to email me from profile if you plan any kinda t'rowdown celebration.

Thanks fo'da encouragement,
Editorilla~New Orleans News Ladder

ptowngirl said...

I love all of the colors on this flower. It is soooo beautiful and unique -- I would have had to give in and snap the photo too!

Jilly said...

Steve, this is the passion flower - the common one is called Passiflora Caerulea (do a Google search) - and this is very similar but I think the centre has a different colour. There are so many passion flowers, all beautiful and nearly all very vigorous climbers.History calls it the 'flower with the five wounds' referring to Christ's suffering on the cross. The five stamen with anthers represent the five sacred wounds and the three stigma represent the nails.

It's a fabulous plant. I love the common variety of which yours is it - or similar - but you get beautiful colours too. Super photo.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Agree, it's a passiflora.
Beautiful !

Anonymous said...

Well, you got your answer before I even got here. It is quite beautiful.

Sarabeth said...

Well worth picking up the camera for! Lovely.

Halcyon said...


Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

whoa!!!! i can see why you went against your earlier decision and got the camera out.....i could not have stopped myself either :)

Unknown said...

Passion flowers are one of the most interesting and very pretty flowers that I had seen...the fruit that follows however I never seen the fruit on my neighbor's passion plant that is now in full bloom which he has growing up the side of his fence.

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up in rural Mississippi these grew wild in the woods. Yes, it is a passion flower and Jilly's info is correct. The common name (at least in MS) is Maypop.

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo.

Unknown said...

It's beautiful Steve! My husband and I saw an big collection of these flowers on a fence during one of our walks the other day. I love looking at them. It's so unusual!

Anonymous said...

Passion flowers attract the fritillary butterfly who lays her eggs on the leaves. The caterpillars are voracious and can eat almost the entire plant. But they are beautiful to watch, and the butterflies are beautiful also.