Sunday, May 20, 2007

The fun just keeps on coming

New Orleans is a great port to take a cruise from. Kill two stones with one bird. Spend a night or two in the "City that Care Forgot" -- puts you in the mood for fun to come.

We took a cruise from here in early November to the Yucatan peninsula. Eye candy everywhere. Just a whole lot of fun.

Here the Norwegian Sun slides out of her berth just up river from the Crescent City Connection Bridge and heads down the Mississippi River. She'll be entering the Gulf of Mexico about midnight.

--steve buser


Lothiane said...

The Norwegian Sun!? wow... That took me by surprise. Is it a Norwegian ship?

It sure looks great, and that sounds like a wonderful trip. Ah, the places I should go to... so many... :)

Greetings from
Oslo, Norway

Nathalie said...

The city that care forgot? Is that the city's new motto? A sad one, eh?
I look forward to seeing more of the new New Orleans through your eyes. We know very little about how it really looks like now, in our part of the world.