Friday, May 11, 2007

Missing the action?

Harrah's Casino in downtown New Orleans is bright and full of activity. But a lone SUV in the office building parking lot across the street suggests someone is missing the party.

The bright casino is a lynch pin at the foot of Canal Street -- nearby the convention center, the docks for the river cruisers, several hotels and more -- a tourist's delight.

You know something. Maybe the SUV is parked here because they are over at Harrah's.
Working late vs over at Harrah's -- the interpretation you chose may tell more about you than the picture

--steve buser


Dan said...

It just warms my heart to see a picture on the web of New Orleans that is not so depressing like what we see on the news. Almost looks 'normal'

Thanks for visiting my blog.

lv2scpbk said...

I wasn't looking at the SUV so much. But, the lights on your photo are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit. And yes, we never had milk delivered as we were a tiny village but did walk to the store to buy a "quart" of milk and the bottle had a bulge at the top where the cream settled. In the winter, mom would set it outside on the window sill and it would freeze some and the cream would heave up on the cardboard stopper and look almost like soft ice cream does nowadays. And it was really good. And it made coffee taste wonderful. Real Cream. Those were the days before Pasturization and Homogenization (Spelling?). Nowadays they charge more for a cardboard quart of milk than they do a gallon. Doesn't make sense to me.

There are a lot of good memories from the early war years -- 1940s.

Thanks again for visitng.

I also like your picture of New Orleans. I watched that Katrina event unfold and wondered how long it would take four star generals in the Pentagon to figure out how to get a glass of water to people stranded on roof stops. Well, it never happened.

Aigars Bruvelis said...

Wow, cool colors. The city seems intriguing:)

Nayel said...

woow.. good picture