Monday, May 28, 2007

This seat taken?

This was taken down by the Algiers ferry that crosses the Mississippi River from the Central Business District at the foot of Canal Street. There was a prety stiff wind coming down the river, so this seagull was gliding in for a spot. When he go close, the to gulls on the right raised their heads a started squawking at him. He hung there for about 20 seconds before deciding he was going to take that flack. He just lift his wings enough to catch a little more air and zoom off to the rear.

I noticed the birds stand facing the wind. Appears to be a stability thing. Notice the wind tugging out a few of the feathers on the birds on the right because they lifted their beaks. They are constantly adjusting as the wind gusts go up and down. Sideways to the wind wouldn't be as aerodynamic and they would have to use a lot more energy just stand. In addition, they wouldn't be a ready to lift off, if some danger came up.

--steve buser


Nathalie said...

Brilliant catch and humorous title!!!

Mandy said...

wow they look so white
the ones i usually see are always grey

julia said...

flying is so effortless or so it seems. Algiers ferry, must read about that and the context.

Irina said...

Nice shot! I often noticed birds 'riding' wind but never managed to catch such a picture.

lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful photo of a bird in flight.