Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Great Mississippi River Ride

As the Mississippi River rises, it seems like the birds have added a new amusement ride -- The Great Mississippi River Ride. Just hop on a log floating slowly by in the slack water -- the area up on banks of the river that is usually dry. Notice on the left of the picture, the two logs out in the fast water -- apparently, that is only for the bravest of birds.

They say that the river will rise for about 10 more days -- rising another 2 feet. Already, the spillway gates ( the Bonne Carre' Spillway, which is opened every 10 years or so to allow the Mississippi water to bypass New Orleans into Lake Pontchartrain, easing the pressure on the river's levees) are leaking through enough water that the fill the broad spillway to a foot or two depth.

Looks like this ride will be open for a pretty good while.

--stee buser


Jim said...

they sure have some skinny legs.

Wanda said...

What a cool shot of a neat ride down the river..... :)

Rosy said...

Never seen black headed gulls before, are they native to New Orleans?

Halcyon said...

Nice photo.