Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sun stopper,

This has to be the ultimate parasol -- the shot is from the French Quarter Festival recently in New Orleans. I saw this guy through the crowd, but couldn't make my way through to get a close up shot. The flamingos are a trip through memory lane from the old days of Audubon Park where the pond with a whole flock of them was a favorite attraction and pure eye-candy.

The parasol, of course, is a popular symbol for jazz parade marchers to rally around.

--steve buser


Halcyon said...

Very colorful!

I remember when I was a kid and we moved into a new house. The previous owners left some of those pink plastic flamingos behind. My sister, brother and I had some good times positioning those flamingos around the yard!

Rosy said...

Great looking umbrella, never seen a flamingo umbrella before.

Sorry to of heard at what happen to the dove chicks, I wonder if doves would nest in a box like some of the homing pegions does?

Interesting describtion at how tug boats work with ships.

Anonymous said...

Did the flamingos return after Katrina?

Nice shot of the man with his umbrella.

Professor said...

This is great! And I would love an umbrella like that! Love the colors and the whole shot in general!

lavenderlady said...

How cute...I've never seen one with flamingos.