Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crawfish is boiling mad!

You want to boil who?

I would love to say that it isn't the size of the crawfish, its the size of the fight in the crawfish. But unfotunately, sometimes there are overwhelming odds. (He lost)
--steve buser

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Bob Crowe said...

Nice work, really a macro shot. I've tried these in New Orleans but they are just too icky squishy for this city boy. Lobster makes me feel the same way.

TOG said...

I learned to like those bugs when I was at Loyola. On holidays we would make a bonfire on the levee and cook the crawfish on the fire. We used a galvanized garbage can and filled it up half way. With a lot of friends, a lot of crawfish and a lot of beer you learn how to eat those bugs. Do you eat more then just the little bit of meat in the tail?

Halcyon said...