Friday, February 15, 2008

Solar gliding

Another look at the birds out on the New Orleans lakefront swirling in the sunset. Two young ladies sitting on the breakwall are enjoying the sight.

--steve buser


Isadora said...

Shades of gold and water as a backdrop to wildlife - I'd call that pretty amazing too. :)

Budapest is a pretty unique city and I am biased, as you can imagine. However, I do have fine memories of the Big Easy, the Quarter and the Richelieu Hotel oh so many years ago.

Jerry in Tampa said...

Spectacular sunset Steve! Glad to see you are still creating outstanding images! Love how you captured the birds and the silhouettes of the people - AWESOME!!!

Jerry in Tampa

Marie said...

Wow, that's wonderful! You're a poet, Steve!

Southern Heart said...

Beautiful sunset photo...enchanting!

Wanda said...

Breathtaking....! BTW Don't forget to put the top up on your convertible (((smile)))!!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Steve. Bravo!
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