Friday, February 15, 2008

Bring your "A" game

The NBA Allstars are bringing their game .... to New Orleans that is. It's a weekend full of activities and hype. Billboards like this have sprung up all over the CBD (Central Business District) and there are lot of the building-wrapping graphics -- as much as 20 stories tall -- making it hard not to be aware of the big event. My favorite part of the weekend is the Slam Dunk contest -- I have been practicing up my dunks in case on the stars twists his ankle and they need a substitute.

If you can make the weekend here, check out all the activites at the web site

--steve buser


Pat said...

Steve, sounds like a good weekend! Sorry I can't make it! HAHAHA!


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Rambling Round said...

Well,I wish you luck on your quest as a substitute! Practice, practice!
The guy in this billboard looks intimidating.

Wanda said...

Is that a banner, or painted on a wall?