Monday, February 18, 2008

New neighbor and NODailyPhoto is 300!

My newest neighbor. This young soon to be mother moved in just outside of our window. She did a pretty good job of piecing together a nest in a spot where several branches trunk off. She's a little weary about me looking in on here. but I'm about 10 to 12 feet away -- so far she' s just keeping and eye on me.

I guess we'll have a bunch of little ones chirping not to far off.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. is 300 today -- this is the 300th post. Seems amazing to me that I could find that many photos in just 300 days. Thanks to all for your kind comments and support.

--steve buser


Anonymous said...

See here

photowannabe said...

Congratulations on 300 super posts. I have so enjoyed seeing the city through your eyes.
Great closeup of mama to be.

Kim said...

She's so lovely. What a treat to have her nest in a place you can enjoy watching. We've all enjoyed watching you! Congratulations on that 300 notch in your daily photo belt! It's been good to see your super images of New Orleans.
Seattle Daily Photo

Jules said...

Well done Steve - 300 - you look so young!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo, Steve. Their nests are usually poorly made and many drop their contents on the ground in windy weather. This one looks good to me. So you will have some cute ones coming soon.

I published a Mourning Dove this morning too. Mine is sound asleep.

Congratulations on your milestone.

Jilly said...

You have a very nice neighbour, Steve. Lovely photograph of her. And congratulations on your 300th post. I love visiting your blog - makes me want to visit NO even more than I always have.

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Congratulations on the 300 mark....

(someone ought to invent sidebar stickers for these milestones!)

I tinker around with basic effects and liked the previous post - didn't have a preference though.

Olivier said...

félicitation pour tes 300th posts, et bonne continuité. Rendez vous dans 100 posts.

congratulations for your 300th posts, and ensure continuity. Go to 100 posts.

Keropok Man said...

Congrats for making it to the 300th.

around two months more it will be the 1st year!

keep going!

Chris said...

Congrats, Steve! Sorry I'm late getting you my best wishes!