Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crabs anyone?

Boiled crabs anyone? This is a true New Orleans meal. The crabs are boiled in a large pot with tons of seasoning -- enough to make you lips burn when you have been eating them for a while. It's a lot of work to peel the crabs and get all the crabmeat out, but it is well worth it. The typical New Orleans tradition is to spread newspaper over a table outside and everyone gathers around and digs in. The spices make you body kick in all the endorphins so that you feel pretty good afterwards.

This was part of the treat last night at my in-laws' (Dan and Winnie Haydell) house in Mandeville -- a Easter family get together. (The other half was crawfish.) Good food, good family fun.

--steve buser


J.C. said...

Mmmmm...crab, yum yum!

I love New Orleans cuisine. Tried once in Munich at this famous restaurant called Big Easy.

We don't have any in my city.

Chris said...

Happy Easter, Steve! I think I would like those. What kind of crabs are they?

sam said...

yuuuuuuuum! Crab and Crayfish are available here, but at a HIDEOUS price! Definitely an occassional treat rather than a regular thing.