Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nothing to fear

Miss "I-know-no-fears" gets ready for a head first slide down at Audubon Park in New Orleans. Our granddaughter Sophie, here, prepared for a kamikaze zoom, has a kind of damn-the-torpedos thing about slides. She lights up with a big smile and a noticeable "wheeeee" as she goes sailing into PawPaws safe hands.

Other than that character "flaw", she is a perfect young lady -- always carrying her baby.

--steve buser


Wanda said...

What a doll~ Can't wait until our move takes me close to my great grandson who is 8 months old this week.

Anonymous said...

I was obliged to explain to my 10 and 7 year old daughter why they call their grandfather from New Orleans "Paw Paw" instead of grandaddy or something similar.

I put a drop of Southern Comfort on our baby's gums last week, to help with teething pain. My daugher said: " ewwwh, he smells like Paw Paw."