Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Work detail

Imagine the work that went into these gates in Jackson Square in New Orleans. Some iron worker probably spent weeks to get all the details into these massive posts. Jackson Square is in the heart of the French Quarter just in front of St. Louis Cathedral. It's a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike. I doubt few pay much attention to the gates and fence. But some handyman's work lives on.

--steve buser


New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hey Man, I watched them repair the fence at Washington Park on Elysian Fields, much the same type old masonry and ironwork. I believe the park is over 150 years old? Indeed they had several true guild workers and did take quite a while just laying and setting the large granite bases for the fence proper, the corner gate at Dauphine and Frenchman, though I doubt you can really tell they were there it was that good.
I have stared and stared at those very gates in your photograph...(even to accomanying stares:)
Thanks Mon,

Rosy said...

The art work on this iron fence post is much more nicer to look at in comparison to that oyster photo..I am not crazy at eating raw oysters, but I will eat raw pickled fish any day...just not oysters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Steve, lots and lots of work and nobody could afford them nowadays. Even a picket fence costs an arm and a leg these days. I spent more on having two sides of my yard fenced or replaced than I spent on brand new automobiles just a decade ago.

Imagine this:
Take a picture of your car with you seated in it, going down the super highway at 65 mph. I just put this on my Brookville blog this morning.

Halcyon said...

It was well worth the effort! They are beautiful.

photowannabe said...

Amazing work was done in by gone days. I don't know if there are many masters of ironworks anymore. Its sad that sometimes we settle for less than the best.

Wanda said...

It's beautiful, but I think I see cobwebs at the top. Guess it hard to get to the top.