Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fair feathered friend

We had stopped in at a McDonald's for a potty break and a snack. I stayed behind at the car to feed, water and watch our puppy. This bird was one of many that were flying out of the nearby bushes to land on the tree and take a look around. After a while they would fly back to the cover of the bushes and another would come out for scouting duty. Anybody have any idea what kind of bird he is?

--steve buser

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Boise Diva said...

I would guess a sparrow, a house sparrow? A McDonald's sparrow?

Ms M said...

Maybe a finch? At the office where I work, there are finches that build nests each spring under some awnings and the males are red-headed like this, and have the same kind of beak.
[LOL, McDonald's sparrow...]

Anonymous said...

This looks like what I call a house sparrow and a female at that. She might have been looking for her boyfriend to come home from the McDonald's dumpster.

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gogouci said...

You take beautiful pictures of birds.