Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Night brights the lights

As night settles in, the lights take on a new brightness in downtown New Orleans. Like groomsmen surrounding a bridef (left to right The World Trade Center, the Hilton Hotel, the Crescent City Connection bridge, Harrah's Hotel and Loew's Hotel stand around Harrah's Casino (front) at the foot of Canal Street in New Orleans.

One interesting note about the Mississippi River here, which flows just out of site to the left -- for a few miles, from the Crescent City Connection, to just past the French Quarter, the river is flowing directly northward.

--steve buser

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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Beautiful photo Steve! Looks about as bright as New York!

Hilda said...

I love city lights at night and this photo is fantastic! And wow, that's a large casino! And I especially like the top part of Harrah's Hotel — imagine having a penthouse suite there!
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Ms M said...

I love night scenes -- this is a grand view!

gogouci said...

It's like a mini Vegas. Beautiful lights.

nanak said...

wow!fantastic view!

Anonymous said...

Wow wee...this is a knocks your socks of colorful image. Great night shot too, Steve.

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max said...

wow , you have made this shot just at the right time!!! very beautiful

teahouse said...

Wonderful photo! I still remember when they were building the Harrah's. Love New Orleans at night.