Thursday, February 12, 2009

Palette playing

Lake Pontchartrain by New Orleans is one of the best canvases the sun has. I think that it uses the 30 mile wide lake to test it's new palette ideas on. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway lets you get right out in the middle of the action to see the masterpieces as they are being painted.

--steve buser

Go and check out more skywatch images at the Skywatch Site!

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Ms M said...

Wow, that's beautiful!

Sally in WA said...

Wow is right. What a wonderful picture.

Guy D said...

Marvelous skywatch shot, definately one of my favourites this week. Well done.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Virginia said...

What an inspiring sunset shot. It is magnificent.

Linnea W said...

Wow. Like a painting...lucky you to see such wonderful skies. Hi from Cal.

Holz said...

Great capture! Heading to Lakeshore (UNO)from Pennsylvania at the end of the month and hope to be beside the lake with a sunset like this.

Laurie said...

Yowsa! That's a real beauty, Steve. Love it.

D said...

I'm so glad I dropped by today.
What a treat! Pure serenity.

Jon said...

This sunset shot is spectacular. It gets a blue ribbon from me for "Best In Show" for sure.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Sandy said...

I'm really enjoying your great photos.