Sunday, May 18, 2008

A green anole lizard shows his signature display on our trip this week to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve's Barataria Preseve. The green anole shows its throat fan -- called a dewlap. Green anoles have a throat fan called a dewlap to attract females (has to let them know he's their kind of man) or to make territorial displays.

The Preserve is one of six sites of the Jean Lafitte Park and is south of New Orleans in the swamps and marshes.

--steve buser

Today on Pixel Eyed-- You've bounced past all those other water drops. You're at the top. You've won. Now it's time to look down. Find your destiny. Don't hit the ground in vain.


Charlotte said...'ve captured the dewlap on display! A shot I've desired but haven't been able to make.
Its great!

Chris said...

What a wonderful shot, Steve! i just watched 60 Minutes, and Bob Simon did a piece on a rain forest in Indonesia. It was wonderful. Did you see it?

nola said...

Cool pic!

Anonymous said...

Excellent photography. And I enjoyed the explanation and had totally forgotten about the dewlap until I read about it here.

Sandy said...

Beautiful photo!!!


photowannabe said...

I think we went to the Jean Lafitte swamp on a swamp boat ride a few years ago. Fascinating and we saw so much . We definitely got our money's worth.

alaya said...

the lizard looks sleepy. great shot.

Karola&Pamp said...

Really great macro!!!
Great shoot!!!