Friday, June 13, 2008

Clowning up

Traveling home from work in New Orleans tonight, I saw a particularly interesting cloud structure full of filaments. This isn't it.

I put my camera out the window, pointed up and snapped. Didn't point right. I got this instead.

I felt it had potential and brought it back to put some pixel dust on it. Double click on it and look at the cloud on the left. Do you see the fool with the clown hat on with the bell on the end of it hanging down in front of his face?

Perhaps nature was laughing at me. Perhaps? Perhaps?

-- steve buser


Marie said...

This is a very poetical post. I like it. There is much to be seen in the sky!

Marie Reed said...

I will comment after another Marie! Glad that you missed yopu target!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

pixel dust....I like that, I wonder if it is a bit like pixie dust??

my first name is mary....following two women named marie sounds as if perhaps there is some pixie dust floating around.

as you know I am new to the city daily blog - I added you to the blogroll as new orleans has always been one of my favorite places -post katrina my heart is always a little heavy when I think of it - thanks for documenting n.o.

Jilly said...

Oh wow, Steve, I do see it. How amazing. Love the idea of pixel dust. Beautiful photograph and beautiful words.

Wanda said...

Oh Steve, of course the "Fool in the hat" is laughting at you, he saw you running around your car trying to take a picture of a lizard yesterday ~~~~

Have a Great Father's Day ~~ You make my day all the time with your fun and interesting post.

Louis la Vache said...

Flag Day

"Louis la Vache"