Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You let go first

Great Egret chick 1: "I'll let go when you let go"
Great Egret chick 2: "No, you let go first."
Great Egret chick 1: "Both of us on the count of three let go."

Mom: "You both better pray you can fly faster that me."

Great Egret chick 1: "Don't let go."

These two birds on the left were fighting over who gets the first serving and when mom (maybe dad) tried to break it up, they both grabbed her by her beak. She forgot the old rule: never break up a bird fight.

The tustle went on for twenty minutes and was still going on when I left, though the Mom had escaped the beak lock quickly. She then let them fight it out between themselves and she stayed out of the way, looking off into the distance. "You bird brains fight it out. I've got no gator in this fight."

The fun was at the rookery in the lagoon of Audubon Park, New Orleans
--steve buser


TOG said...

You have captured the moment at there home, absolutely beautiful. But when they come into my garden I'm not as pleased. If you go the my post of April 5 07 you will see why I'm not so happy. My pool is full of rare cichlid fish and the bird will eat them like I had put them out just for him.

Jana said...

Amazing photos!

Louis la Vache said...

What a hoot!

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