Thursday, June 5, 2008

To bee or not to bee

The story the other day said that even though bees are dying out all across the country, a few states, Louisiana one of them, are not having that problem. Nobody knows why. Sweet.

-- steve buser


TOG said...

I posted a bee last May 12 08. We also seem to have enough bees. The problem is, most of them are wild and most of the wild bees are the killer bees. But not to worry, they will not bother you while they are gathering. They are dangerous only when you get near their hive.

Rosy said...

I have heard that here in California that the bees are being kill off by a bee mite...our bees are also disappearing and we been having Bees being transported here from other states.

Jon said...

I love your blog which I just discovered tonight...a Eureka moment for sure....great photography and thanks for sharing it. Here in Mississippi we are greatly alarmed by the mysterious decline in bee populations. I have seen only a few in my yard and garden this year. Sad that the whole ecosystem and climate are totally screwed up. Mankind will suffer for our mistakes and sins sooner rather than later.
Jon on 6-13-08 at