Sunday, June 29, 2008

Would you look up?

I know you're going to do, so go ahead. I know you're going to call me "the cloud man." Go ahead. I can take it.

It's not that I really set out to take pictures of clouds. I think though, that when your used to looking straight ahead or down in front of you, and you start looking up, you see a whole new world bursting above you.

A camera is a dangerous thing. You think your going to just shoot a few pictures. But the images just keep coming at you. Your driving down the street making mental notes that you know your never remember -- "that would make a good shot. Remember the street." Over and over.

You just start noticing ordinary things that, well, frankly, are more than ordinary.

So here I am again. Another cloud shot. I'm not apologizing for that. I just wondering how to do this. To ask you, politely. Kindly. As a suggestion, not a command. "Would you look up?"

Try it.

-- steve buser


Snapper said...

Steve, I for one am loving your cloud series. And all of us could stand to be reminded to look somewhere besides straight in front all the time!

Charlotte said...

It's hard to find anything more beautiful than the sky...clouds, sun rises, sunsets, stars and moon.


I find myself making mental notes of things to photograph too. Photography really does make you more interested and observant of the world around you.

Timothy said...

Wonderful photo!

Lynette said...

I think Steve "Cloud Man" Buser has a fine ring to it. Your photos certainly would go far in convincing everyone from agreeing. Super shots, great analogy with the cloud in the middle and kids outdoors. Super!

Portland Oregon Daily Photo

Chris said...

Hey, Cloud Man! I do love those. I tend to look at clouds a lot, too. We have some beautiful ones today, and the sky is a lovely blue. All of your shots are great.

I also like Paige's bubble! When I owned my store, I wanted one of those electronic bubble machines (which they might have in the Quarter), but we weren't allowed because they made the sidewalk slippery.

Sorry for not commenting a lot lately. . .under a lot of stress which will hopefully resolve itself tomorrow (and is the subject of my blog tomorrow!).

Layrayski said...

If it makes for a great photo, why not, right? :)Having a camera can open your eyes and see things in a different way. It is something to remember, to look up.

Halcyon said...

No need to apologize for the abundance of cloud shots. They are spectacular and I always enjoy them. I seriously do think you have a different sky down there or something. :)

Virginia said...

I look at the clouds a lot too, but the ones here are not nearly as dramatic and awe inspiring as yours in this photo. Incredible photograph. Don't apologize!

Lake Lady said...

Keep 'em coming, Steve! I've always done the "gotta remember that" thing and rarely remember exactly where it was. I've found that since I've joined CDP, I not only see more, I give myself permission to STOP more!