Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Irish Cup

Sometimes you hit the mother lode. Like this, a stuffed animal AND a 10-pound bag of potatoes.

You got to figure that is cause to celebrate anywhere, especially in the environs of New Orleans. In this case, the environs are Metairie -- the next door neighbor to New Orleans. The occasion is the Irish-Italian Parade that rolled down Veterans Boulevard and Severn Avenue today.

Full Disclosure statement--I have to disclose that the frolicking femme in the photo is my wife, Linda. Her triumph trophy catch means we will probably be having a lot of stew, and baked potatoes, and french fries, and hash browns and.... for a while. Not to mention the six heads of cabbage we came away with, and enough carrots to keep a herd of rabbits' teeth clean for a month.

Two and a half hours of floats rolled by in front of us. Two and one half hours of laughs, smiles, partying, screams of excitement and ecstasy..... I was ready to get home and vegetate. (Sorry, freudian slip)

--steve buser

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Ms M said...

Good catch! Fun photo.
And enjoy the stew :>)

Hilda said...

Are all those thrown out of the floats? Goodness. It's a good thing she didn't get clobbered on the head with that bag of potatoes!

Looks and sounds like a lot of fun though! How come you seem to have lots of fun parades? Send some our way please! :)

Anonymous said...

Your lucky day. Looks like she caught the big prize full of chocolates.

Kim Hambric said...

I didn't know you could choose between watching a parade and getting your groceries. What parade is next?

linda said...

Don't forget potato salad, potato soup, potato casserole, etc.

gogouci said...

No potato famine in Metairie. Have fun baking, frying, mashing them all up.

D said...

Good grief, I can't imagine those potatoes and cabbages being thrown from floats. Sounds like you better be a good catch or someone's getting hurt!