Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Suppose you had to swim around all your life with weird appendages to guide your journey.  On top of that, you had a face that no one could take serious.

You'd be happy like this fellow at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, wouldn't you?

Of course you would. I suspect that's why you some time get down about the life that was dealt you. You can dream, though. "What if, by some chance..  some very big chance....."

--steve buser

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Ms M said...

that is an unusual looking creature. What is it?

photowannabe said...

It certainly looks like a it a sea horse?

GMG said...

Hi Steve!
Sorry I couldn’t visit you for the last two weeks! I’m trying to catch-up and see the wonders you have around!
The sea-horse looks gorgeous! Excellent picture!
Also loved to see the duck, and the Mardi Gras picture!!!

Meanwhile, one of the most beautiful Forts in India waits you and your comments at Blogtrotter: – The Amber Fort! Enjoy and have a great weekend!