Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Orange you going to yell?

One more time for good luck. I just had to have one last laugh about the Irish Italiam parade this past weekend in Metairie. Carrot anyone? You laugh, but if you were there you would have been yelling and screaming -- "Throw it to me." Oh you were there? And you were.... Well then you don't need me to tell you how much fund it was.

--steve buser

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Ms M said...

Love the St. Paddy's day celebration photos. And where else could you have a meal thrown to you during a parade??

teahouse said...

So were there any cabbages at this particular parade?

I have a memory of cooking lots and lots of cabbage the year I went to the parades in New Orleans for St. Patrick's Day. Ah, good times.

Julie said...

cute photo! And yes I will post a bloom on the cactus on my site when it occurs! thanks

Kelly said...

Great shot, Steve! Lookes like it was fun!