Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Irish non-stewing

These carnival revelers deserve a gold medal. No, not the thronging crowds on the ground -- the party animals on the floats at the Irish Italian Parade in Metairie this past weekend. They were throwing beads and trinkets and plush toys for sure. But, mixed among all that was potatoes, humongous carrots, onions, cabbages, garlic -- whatever comes out of the garden. Despite all of that, there seemed to be few errant throws. Everyone's spirits were high until the end of the parade.

We had French Fries from some of those potatoes tonight (delicious) and some of the cabbage with sausage (the sausage was from our refrigerator). The fun just keeps going on.

--steve buser

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Virginia said...

what fun! Would love to have been right there. Great capture Steve.

gogouci said...

Nice shot, well composed. You really captured the flavor of the group.

bj said...


roentarre said...

This is an incredible capture