Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Bang Theory

If Big Bangs make for a Big Holiday, then this Fourth of July was it. We were visiting out "kids" in Houston. Charlie just moved into a new pad and we enjoyed the day splashing in his pool and then sitting out on the street in front and watching a giant fireworks display -- they actually did twin fireworks displays -- they must have been a several blocks from each other because the other one looked far away.

We're back in New Orleans now and Big Tired. It was quite a fun weekend.

By the way, someone needs to come up with a better word that "kids" -- when they're on their own, taller than you, smarter that you and better looking that you, "kids" just doesn't seem like the right word.

--steve buser


Halcyon said...

The fireworks are really spectacular. It sounds like you had a fun weekend with the "kids". :)

Anonymous said...

The fireworks are never easy are they Steve? Great joy when everything works out.

I have something a bit special to announce my new site tomorrow,
from South Shields Daily Photo

Sandy said...

hahaha, how about scoundrels..., well that's what I call my four sons anyway....haha.

Hope you recoup soon.