Sunday, July 13, 2008

Picky eating

A juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron enjoys his meal at the banks edge in the lagoon in Audubon Park, New Orleans. He was joined on the bank by a mixed group of ducks and geese. Even as I approached, none of the group made any venture out into the water. As I moved along the bank, they would move the opposite way, but no water ventures. I suspect that they had spotted the lagoon's alligator and were not going to venture out. They were contented with the shadowy bank in the heat of the day.

This heron stood at the edge waiting for the occasional bug to float, or an underwater treat to swim up and he would pick them up. It was a slow meal, but it was little effort, too. The young guy is about a 16 inches maybe from tip of beak to tale (you don't really get a sense of size in the photo).

-- steve buser


GMG said...

Hi Steve!
Great shot! And the duck soup is amazing!!!
Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now at the Michigan Law School! Left a reply to your last comment there!
Hope you take pleasure in it and wish you a great week!

Kelly said...

A beautiful bird! We don't have these here. Thank you for the estimates of the size!

Sandy said...

That looks like a painting. Beautiful..

babooshka said...

A bird I fear I will never photograph. so I get extra pleasure through viewing through yours. It's another fabulous bird portrait. I do think the birds are your finest work,

Jon said...

Such a treat to visit your great blog(s) and feast my eyes on your wonderful photos. In fact, I have updated my blogroll list of favorites and added yours...hoping you don't mind.
Thanks for sharing your work.

Jon at Mississippi Garden on 7-13-08

Wanda said...

That is an excellent picture Steve.

Sorry I've miss serveral of your posts. My daughter was sick and I've been caring for grandchildren.

Trying to catch up a little tonight.