Saturday, July 12, 2008

Duck Soup

Pollen on the water gives it a soupy look as a pair of Wood Ducks swim by slowly in the setting sun at Audubon Park in New Orleans.

-- steve buser


Lynette said...

Oh, my. What a photo! It seems the ducks don't suffer from allergies, thank goodness. I've enjoyed browsing your recent posts, Steve, because, like this one with the pollen coating the water and the thunderstorm photo, they bring me memories of Mississippi. And about your comment, you're so right--it's splendid to live in a walkable city.

SAPhotographs said...

You have some wonderful pictures on your blogs Steve!! :)

Kostas said...

Very good the photograph with the ducks, if the frame were opener and were presented the shades of birds on the pollen, we would speak for a most excellent photograph!
Marvellous blog, with exceptional photographs!

slim said...

Ha choo! That's an amazing amount of pollen. The ducks must have pollen covered beaks.
Your bird pictures are wonderful, Steve. It must take a lot of patience to capture them. What lens do you usually use?

Steve Buser said...

Slim -- I use a Olympus E-510 camera with a 40- 150 mm lens (which translates to 80-300 to compare with old 35mm cameras) for most of these shots. But I had to do a lot of experimenting with the settings on the camera to get things the way I like them. I usually bump up the sharpness 2 notches, bump the contrast 1 notch. Turn of the the noise filter and the noise reduction (I like to take care of those in the photo editor afterwards -- I find the camera setting produce to soft an image for my liking. I shoot mostly at 400 speed for zoom shots. And many times for stiller shots I use manual focus and drop the zoom back down to about 130-140 which is a sweeter spot on my lens than the 150 mm setting.

Plus a few more tweaks.

Marie said...

It may be pollution but still it makes a beautiful photo.

Hilda said...

They look like they're floating on sand!

Wow. I've never see pollen that thick anywhere. Must be awful for those with allergies.