Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The bird bard

News flash -- Just got word that Travel Channel's Samantha Brown visits New Orleans on her next episode of Passport To Great Weekends -- tomorrow at 9 pm here (10 p.m. EST -- Thursday, July 17th.). I can't wait to catch this one.

If you want to be ready ahead of time, you can get a quick take on what "Sam" is about by her newly uploaded YouTube videos here or get more of the packaged e-kit at:


Back to the blog --

Though I know it is just a meal-time family squable, you would have a hard time convincing me that this merry troop of Cattle Egret is not practicing for a Shakespearean play. Perhaps Mom (or Dad) on the left with the buff feathers on its head is quoiting that old Shakesbirdean line: All life is but a branch." Or perhaps, "To feed or not to feed, that is the question."

Take your shot at a good line.

Methinks the two youngsters on the right are plotting a little palace coup if Mom doesn't hurry up and get the food down their hatches. (Audubon Park, Oschner Island rookery).

-- steve buser

Lagniappe -- on Pixel Eyed today, a Great Egret does the double glide across the lagoon -- Double Glide


Lynette said...

These photos (and you text) get better each day. How noisy was it?

Steve Buser said...

It gets a pretty riotous, but the island they are on is about 100 feet away, so it isn't ear shattering

Lynette said...

Got it--nice, clear description.

Jon said...

Many thanks for your comment and tip on activating my link on my blog. I appreciate it, and I appreciate your great photography as well.
Best regards,
Jon at Mississippi Garden

Becky said...

What beautiful birds! Thanks for sharing these.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I will definitely be back for more at yours.

babooshka said...

Better and better. ou will be doing me out of job next when they start landing on tou and demanding thier pic taken.

Carl said...

Man, I miss New Orleans (I grew up over in nearby Mississippi in the 70's and 80's and my family visited so often that I might as well be considered natives back then). Samantha Brown or someone from the Travel Channel should do a whole series on New Orleans and the surrounding area. Same thing with the Food Network. And if MTV/VH1 actually did music, they could do a series on music in the area.

My brother is so fortunate...he works in New Orleans and lives in nearby Slidell. I'm stuck here in Florida and NOT the Florida most people are familiar with watching TV but the part of Florida that's more rural south Georgia.

jill said...

Glad I saw our post. I love Samantha Brown's shows. Will be sure to watch. Also love your shot and interpretation of the egret family!

Lynette said...

That's so neat about Samantha Brown, Steve!

Marie Reed said...

What a huge wing span!

Bernie said...

Great series of photographs. Audobon Park wasn't nearly that pristine when I used to go there as a kid in the 1960s. And thanks for the tip on Samantha Brown's TV visit.