Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gliding lessons

How to glide? Take a lesson from this Black-crowned Night Heron -- raise your wings, trim tips to keep the wind from sailing off the end. Then slowly bring them down to level. Keep your eye on the limb your shooting for. You are going to have to turn on the air brakes about 30 feet away and bring you legs down and out front.

He's a regular Audubon Park resident in this urban paradise in Uptown New Orleans. The lagoon attracts hundreds of birds of various species.

-- steve buser


raf said...

Love this take, Steve! Beautiful work you do on your blog to cover that grand ol' city!

photowannabe said...

I guess that's how piolots learned to fly. Great description and photo.

Lynette said...

I like your post. The photograph is great!
Portland Oregon Daily Photo

Sandy said...

Wow, great photo Steve.