Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike brings fears of turnaround evacuation

The Jefferson Parish staging center Saturday prepares for bringing back evacuees who had no access to transportation and were transported to shelters out of the area by buses.

An evacuee (left) waits for a ride, while a emergency worker helps her with her belongings.

The staging center was set up in the giant parking lot of a multi-screen theater in River Ridge.

Now the anxious waiting starts to see if another evacuation will be ordered this week for the New Orleans area as Hurricane Ike heads into the Gulf of Mexico.

Fears are that people are evacuation weary and many may choose to ride out what could be a major hurricane.

You can stay tuned to Hurricane Ike details here.

-steve buser


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I hope Ike doesn't come your way...not that I wish him on anyone else, but you guys have had alot to go through.

My son is headed back today, so I'll be keeping a close watch on Ike.
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

I guess there really is a lot of things and people to think about before on of these storms strikes the area.

The Mulligan Family said...

Our prayers are with you - and all the Gulf Coast citizens. This is just too much. Hope things are settling down and that the power is coming back up. Also, that your father in law is doing OK. Hang in there!

Virginia said...

We are all holding our breaths along with you! I see in the paper today that the evacuees that came here left yesterday to return home.

Laurie said...

I've been nervous that after a couple of evacuations people might not leave for a major storm.

You're in my thoughts and I'm sending all my good wishes winging toward that beautiful city.

photowannabe said...

You continue to be in my thoughts Steve. These are desparately scary times for many.
Stay safe, and I hope your Father in Law has recovered.

alice said...

Thoughts from France.