Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pelican pal does bridge bonding

This is one of the friendly pelicans that coast along the Causeway bridge over Lake Pontchartrain looking for food as they take advantage of the breeze blowing up over the bridge.

You would thing that at 65 mph it would be hard to shoot one of these guys. Well, it is. I had to shoot several of them before I got one I even partly liked. But, since he's going the same way with us, that means we were just passing him up about 35 mph.

Still, you have to have a steady hand, shoot rapid fire and have a lot of luck.

-steve buser


Halcyon said...

He looks very serious. Hope he finds something tasty!

Barbara Rahal said...

holly shot! I love Pelicans!...nice one Steve!!!! ( I though at first it was a blue gigant heron!)

JM said...

Very nice picture!

Columbo said...

Great action shot, they are hard to shoot at that speed.

New Orleans Ladder said...

You weren't driving were you?:)
As always just what we needed right when we need it.

Thanks Mon,

Anonymous said...

Driving and shooting? It is a neat look at a Pelican.